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February 2024 at a Glance


Writing Your Life Letter

Nancy Sharp led an audience through a workshop outlining what it means to leave a legacy through a Life Letter.

Paint Your Story

Patrons took inspiration from ‘The 100 years of Lenni and Margot‘ and painted a personal work of art based on their own memories.

Coffee and Conversations

We had a cozy time at Mug Shot Coffee discussing our O-Town Reads Book, ‘The 100 Years of Lenni and Margot‘ by Marianne Cronin.


  • 3,130 adult checkouts

  • 3,940 youth checkouts

  • 880 checkouts on Hoopla Digital

  • 33 checkouts on Kanopy Films

  • 7,983 total checkouts

  • 7,657 in-person visits

  • 1,759 website visits

  • 9.416 total visits

Volunteer Hours
  • 16.25 community service hours

  • 64 volunteer hours by Friends of the Ottawa Library

  • 7 volunteer hours by Friends of the Ottawa Library Board

  • 7 volunteer hours by Ottawa Library Board of Trustees

  • 86 additional volunteer hours

  • 176.25 total volunteer hours

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