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Asimov's Apprentices

Thanks to a generous Library Innovation Grant from NEKLS, we are pleased to announce Asimov's Apprentices.

Asimov's Apprentices is a series of workshops for teens aiming to ignite a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by providing access to FIRST Tech Challenge Class Packs and REV Robotics Ciruculum. 

Robotics Basics

This inaugral series will introduce teens to the very basics of robotics with the REV Duo Education kit.


Registration is for ALL session and is required. Due to limited resources of the kits, we will need to limit the registration to eight seats. Register HERE

This series will be repeated at a later date for those who cannot participate at this time.

Jan 5th

Intro to REV EDU kit

During this first session, the apprentices will reivew series expectations, safety rules, and the parts of the REV EDU kit.

Jan 12th

Mechanics: Hardware & Actuators

This session will focus on discussing structure and assembling the drivetrain and frame.

Jan 19th

Electronics: Wires & Sensors

This session will focus on attaching sensors to the drive frame and connecting wires to the drive hub for operation.

Jan 26th

Intro to REV Programming

Apprentices will be introduced to programming blocks and complete three programming challenges.

Feb 2nd

Putting it all together

Apprentice teams will will be given information about the challenges they will be facing in the final competing and will assemble robots to meet those challenges.

Feb 9th


Apprentice teams will face off in a series of challenges with the robots they designed and assembled in the previous week.

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