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Signing up for a library card is like unlocking a treasure chest of knowledge and opportunity. With a library card, you gain access to a world of books, e-books, audiobooks, magazines, movies, and so much more. It's not just about checking out materials; it's about expanding your horizons, indulging in your interests, and fueling your curiosity. Our library is a place where you can explore new worlds, learn new skills, and discover your passions, all for free. Plus, your library card grants you access to invaluable resources like research databases, educational programs, and community events. But beyond the tangible benefits, a library card signifies a connection to a vibrant community of readers and lifelong learners. So, come join us, and let your library card be your key to a world of adventure, enlightenment, and inspiration!


Library Card Registration

Please note: This form is for new library cards only. If you need to replace your card, please bring your photo ID to the Circulation Desk.

Any resident of Northeast Kansas is eligible to obtain a library card at no charge. At this time, only adult applications are available online. Please complete the application and then visit the Circulation Desk to finalize the process. When you visit, you will need to bring:

  • A valid photo ID (driver's license, state ID, passport, military ID, or student ID).

  • Proof of address (ID with current address, piece of postmarked mail, lease agreement, or an e-bill)

  • If applying for a child, the parent / legal guardian AND the child must be present when finalizing.



Adult Library Card Online Application

Child Library Card Online Application


Circulation Policies

Patron Code of Conduct

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