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Early Literacy

"Early Literacy" is a bit of a misnomer as it encompasses several essential skills for reaching childhood milestones. 

As a caregiver, you are one of the first teachers your child will benefit from. Ottawa Library is here to help you and your pre-reader with resources. You are always welcome to join us for storytimes to meet other parents and children, ask for book suggestions, and build literacy skills.

Every Child Ready to Read

Every Child Ready To Read is an initiative of the American Library Association and the Association of Library Service to Children to make building early literacy skills practical for families.

By doing these 5 activities, you help build the pre-reading skills your child will need to become a successful reader.

  1. Build you child's vocabulary by talking with them. Studies have linked the number of words a child hears to improved success throughout school and beyond. It does not have to be anything deep or complicated. Try talking about the tasks you are doing or things you see and hear.

  2. Singing can be a fun way to help children break down the structure of words. Sing to your child while changing their diaper, driving, or just hanging out. 

  3. Reading with your child not only helps build their vocabulary, but instills a love of books!

  4. Scribbling and manipulating sensory materials is a great way to build the fine motor skills needed for writing.

  5. Playing encourages kids to be creative and explore their world.

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Youth Services Manager

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