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Media Choice

Great stories have the potential to entertain, enrich, and inspire.

Whether at home or in the classroom, families and teachers are looking for something that's not just appropriate for kids, but actually good. That's why we're committed to recommending age-appropriate media that kids can enjoy and families and teachers can feel good about: movies and books with diverse characters, made by diverse creators. Apps and games that don't collect kids' personal data. Great online learning activities. And so much more—all using our ratings based on research and child development guidelines.

Digital Equity

All kids need access to affordable, quality technology to thrive in a rapidly changing digital world.

The digital divide is still driving inequality. We must ensure that every family—regardless of ZIP code or background—can benefit from the opportunities technology can offer for education, health care, and more. We're leading this effort by ensuring that funds to improve our national infrastructure are used to provide vulnerable and underserved communities with affordable access to broadband high-speed internet, and by equipping those communities with the tools to use technology effectively.

Digital Literacy & Citizenship

Today's students need a new set of skills to thrive as learners, leaders, and digital citizens.

Digital citizenship skills are key to helping kids take control of their digital lives. Our free, research-backed K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum teaches students how to make smart choices online, think critically, and practice healthy habits. We address top media and tech concerns for schools, and support students and educators with authentic learning activities, real-life examples, and professional development. Most importantly, we take a whole-community approach, engaging both families and school communities with tips and advice to support students and create a path to lifelong learning.

Tech Accountability

It's time to build a better digital ecosystem for kids and teens.

How do you teach kids to set healthy boundaries when social media never sleeps? Too often, platforms default to manipulative practices that undermine privacy rights and adversely affect young people's self-esteem and mental health. A reimagined ecosystem extends beyond the internet—it's the phones in our kids' pockets, the laptops they use at school, and the laws that govern their data and enforce cybersecurity along the way. We're challenging inequalities and advancing regulations to build a better system from the ground up.

Healthy Childhood

Kids and families deserve a strong foundation of understanding, skills, and support.

Before kids can experience the benefits of media and technology, they need support from the adults in their lives to set healthy habits. Our partnerships within communities and schools put our research-backed advice in the hands of parents, educators, and caregivers. Through research, we can better understand tech's effects on kids' learning and development, and explore how representation in kids' media influences their understanding of themselves, their identities, and the world. Together, we can put essential supports in place for kids' mental and physical health, learning, and development so every kid has the chance to grow up happy, healthy, and able to fully participate in the world, today and tomorrow.

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