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Career Guidance Center

Career Guidance Center

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Kansas State Library

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Teens, Adults

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Career, Research, Skill Builders

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Jobs, Reference Materials, Tutorials, Resume Builder

These tools and resources will help you assess your interests, identify professions that match them, and prepare for your career. Whether you’re a student headed for your first job or an experienced worker seeking new challenges, begin your journey by reading our advice and information articles on how to “Find a Career Path.”

Articles and videos cover everything from helpful tips for choosing a career to recognizing the job-search and career-success resources at your disposal. After reading these use one of our Career Assessments to narrow your list of possible careers.

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center provides two assessments. Each will ask you to respond to a series of prompts by ranking them from “Strongly Like" to “Strongly Dislike.” Your results will display your interest areas—Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising, Investigative, Realistic, or Scientific—and produce an aligned list of professions so you can begin to explore more than 1,000 detailed articles about jobs.

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