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America's News

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America’s News is a powerful online resource that empowers patrons to explore a diverse range of popular topics including business, health, politics, careers, entrepreneurship and much more. With current content and archives back to the 1980s from more than 3,670 U.S. news sources, it is the most comprehensive domestic news resource available. America's News features national, regional, and local news content allowing patron to access multiple perspectives on practically any issue, person, or event across the country.

Diverse perspectives for deeper insight
In today’s interconnected world, events and issues that impact local communities can also be nationally and globally relevant. Similarly, occurrences in other countries often have an impact close to home.

With extensive U.S. coverage of local, national, and global issues and events, researchers can easily discover multiple perspectives and track issues over time to gain deeper insights.  The ability to explore multiple perspectives is also an essential element in the development of critical thinking and information literacy skills.

Relevant Results Quickly
The Suggested Topics feature in America’s News makes it easy for all patrons to quickly find useful information by highlighting subjects such as jobs and careers, education, health, social issues, and technology. Available topics are based on extensive user feedback and reflect popular and trending areas. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface also allows researchers to search by headline, name, topic, date, and author to quickly find relevant results. Articles can be easily shared, printed, emailed, or saved.

Multiple news formats – One interface
The world of news is continually changing. America’s News reflects this evolution by consolidating all news formats (full-text articles, web-only content, PDF-image editions) from more than 220 U.S. sources for the deepest local coverage available

All NewsBank resources are mobile-responsive and remotely accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on any device.

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