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May 2024 at a Glance

Updated: Jul 10


22nd Annual children's literature festival

The Franklin County Children‘s Literature Festival began with Gerry Getty‘s dream that every child would have the opportunity to hear from real authors, illustrators, and storytellers.

Summer Reading Kick-Off Party

Rain couldn‘t keep us from celebrating the start of Summer Reading. Our amazing community partners weathered the storm, hosted booths, and demonstrated some of their impresive talents.

Acrylic Paint Pour Class

Patrons were taught how to create art in a new way. Each piece created was every bit as unique as the artists themselves.


  • 3,091 adult checkouts

  • 5,032 youth checkouts

  • 1,041 checkouts on Hoopla Digital

  • 27 checkouts on Kanopy Films

  • 9,191 total checkouts

  • 8,665 in-person visits

  • 10,736 website visits

  • 19,401 total visits

Volunteer Hours
  • 0 community service hours

  • 64 volunteer hours by Friends of the Ottawa Library

  • 7 volunteer hours by Friends of the Ottawa Library Board

  • 7 volunteer hours by Ottawa Library Board of Trustees

  • 108 additional volunteer hours

  • 186 total volunteer hours

Top Checkouts

Adult Fiction

Adult Graphic Novels

Adult Non-Fiction

Juvenile fiction

Juvenile Graphic Novels

Juvenile Movies / TV

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Picture books

Video Games

YA Books (Any)

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