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April 2024 at a Glance


6th Annual Seed & Plant Swap

We were thrilled with the turnout for the 6th Annual Seed and Plant Swap! Attendees were eager to share and discover new varieties. From heirloom tomato seeds to vibrant succulent pups, there was something for every gardener. The atmosphere was buzzing with conversation and friendly advice, making it a true celebration of our local green thumbs!

Teen Wand and potion workshop

Potions and wands were a brewing success at our latest Teen Hangout! Imaginations ran wild as teens whipped up colorful concoctions and designed unique wands. The creativity was inspiring, and it was fantastic to see them collaborating and sharing ideas.

Bryon's cribbage corner

March saw the addition of Cribbage on Wednesday evenings at 6 PM. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate, so drop in and play.


  • 3,184 adult checkouts

  • 3,881 youth checkouts

  • 1,009 checkouts on Hoopla Digital

  • 28 checkouts on Kanopy Films

  • 8,102 total checkouts

  • 8,026 in-person visits

  • 3,809 website visits

  • 11,835 total visits

Volunteer Hours
  • 0 community service hours

  • 64 volunteer hours by Friends of the Ottawa Library

  • 7 volunteer hours by Friends of the Ottawa Library Board

  • 7 volunteer hours by Ottawa Library Board of Trustees

  • 241 additional volunteer hours

  • 319 total volunteer hours

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