Patron Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Patron Code of Conduct is to protect the rights of both the users and staff and provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient library environment. Members of the library staff have the right to exclude from the use of the Library any individual who violates these rules.

In most cases, one verbal warning will be used to any person or group that violates the rules. A second violation will result in expulsion from the Library and its grounds. However, no warning is required if, in the judgement of Library staff, the behavior in question (a) violates federal, state, county, or municipal laws, or (b) poses an immediate threat to the safety or well-being of other Library users or staff.

Library employees are authorized to enforce these rules. The Library reserves the right to revoke or restrict the Library privileges of any patron for behavior contrary to these rules and regulations. In cases where voluntary compliance is not adhered to, the police may be called for assistance.

Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to:

  • Abuse/vandalism of library facilities, equipment, or material

  • Behavior or language that is offensive to others

  • Use of tobacco or spitting

  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times in the library

  • Excessive noise/noise which disturbs others

  • Harassment/physical, sexual, or verbal abuse in any form, of other library users or library staff

  • Intoxication or possessing alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs

  • Illegal activities

  • Loitering, sleeping, or roving through the building with no apparent intention of using library materials or resources, or following staff members or other library patrons around the building or otherwise engaging in harassing behavior

  • No smoking in the library

  • Soliciting

  • Bringing into the building or displaying knives, guns, or other dangerous weapons

  • Using restrooms for meetings, or other inappropriate behavior is not permitted

  • Removing any library property from the building without authorization through the established lending procedures

  • Distributing leaflets or posting notices not specifically authorized by the Library Executive Director or his/her designated alternate

  • Engaging in any behavior that infringes on the right of other patrons to use the library and its facilities peacefully and with enjoyment

By the authority of the Ottawa Library Board of Trustees, those who refues to abide by these rules of behavior may be asked to leave the building or surrender their rights to use these library facilities for an extended period. If efforts by the Executive Director and his/her staff fail to reach understanding and agreement with such persons, the Library Executive Director will create and maintain procedures to accomplish this purpose.


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