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Gearing up for a long road trip, want to stay entertained while completing the never-ending list of chores, or just having trouble getting into the writing style of your book? We have the solution for you. Audiobooks. 


Physical audiobooks are available in three media formats: cassettes, compact discs (CDs), and Playaway devices. Audiobooks on cassettes are only available through the catalog and must be brought in from other NEKLS libraries.

Digital audiobooks are great for those on the go and are available on Hoopla Digital.


Physical audiobooks, regardless of the media, check out for twenty-one (21) days and may be eligible for up to two (2) renewals. Patrons are limited to five (5) concurrent audiobook checkouts at any given time. 

Digital audiobooks check out for twenty-one (21) days, after which they automatically check in. These items can be checked back out and generally retain the previous place in the audiobook.

Overdue materials and fines

As of January 2022, we no longer charge overdue fines on most items. Overdue items will block the account from checking out any additional materials. Items overdue for forty-five (45) days will be marked lost and the borrow will be billed for the item.

Digital audiobooks are not subject to overdue processes as they are automatically returned at the end of the checkout period.

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