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Gearing up for a long road trip, want to stay entertained while completing the never-ending list of chores, or just having trouble getting into the writing style of your book? We have the solution for you. Audiobooks. 


Physical audiobooks are available in three media formats: cassettes, compact discs (CDs), and Playaway devices. Audiobooks on cassette are available through the catalog and can be brough in from partnering libraries.

Physical audiobooks, regardless of the media, check out for twenty-one (21) days and may be eligible for up to two (2) renewals. Patrons are limited to five (5) concurrent audiobook checkouts at any given time. 

To search for cassette, CD, or Playaway audiobooks on NEXT Search Catalog:

  • Go to Advanced Search

  • Enter your search terms

  • Select the CHECKBOXES next to the Collection categories you wish to find

    • Audiobook (cassette)

    • Audiobook (CD)

    • Audiobook (media player)

  • Scroll down

  • Click SEARCH

Digital audiobooks are available through several online services, including Cloud Library, Hoopla, and LibraVox. These digital audiobooks can be listened to through a computer or mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet.

Cloud Library requires a Kansas State Library Card. Audiobooks on Cloud Library check out for twenty-one (21) days and may be eligible for one (1) renewal. Cloud Library limits patrons to ten (10) items checked out concurrently. 

Hoopla is a streaming service Ottawa Library subscribes to, granting our patrons five (5) checkouts per calendar month. A free Hoopla account tied to a valid email address and Ottawa Library card is required. Audiobooks on Hoopla check out for twenty-one (21) days and are not eligible for renewal, but can be checked out again for another use of a monthly credit.

LibraVox is an unaffiliated community website that hosts public domain audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world. There is no limit to use