Why YA?

Friday, December 29th by SSB

SSB’s  Young Adult Book Reviews
Today’s review: Nice Try, Jane Sinner by Lianne Oelke

YA = Young Adult Literature = Books with Young Adults in them. They can be fiction or non; poetry or prose; long or short. Honestly, the thing about YA literature is that it nearly always contains social issues that surround each and everyone of us in our daily lives – which brings us back to Why YA. Young adults experience way more than many of us can imagine, and they are in desperate need of multiple perspectives. YA literature shows these perspectives to all of us whether we are young adults or not. And that’s why YA . . . I hope my blog helps you find some reads. Sheryl Servatius-Brown/SSB

Since it’s the holiday season, I had a hard time choosing a book to review. This time is so fun for many; however, it also becomes a difficult time for some who are struggling. It seems that we forget to focus on the message of all religions – and that is to love one another and be kind. So, in the end I chose a fun book about a girl who gets booted out of high school. There should be something for all emotions in this one.

Nice Try, Jane Sinner by Lianne Oelke tells the story of Jane, 17 who gets kicked out of high school. In addition, she wants to move out of her parents home because, you guessed it, they don’t get her. So Jane makes a deal with them to complete her credits through a local community college if they let her move out. BUT, she needs to find somewhere to live!

Well, Jane’s fortune seems to change for the better when she joins a campus reality TV show, House of Orange – with free housing. The show has a rocky start before it takes off. Jane’s snarky, competitive nature seems to be just what the doctor ordered. As you can imagine with a reality show, not everyone is kind or honest. People have secrets that others are happy to discover and reveal – all for the big win.

I had fun with this book though it is by no means all fun and games. I’m definitely not a teenager, but I do need some drama in my books. If you are a fan of any reality show, pick up this book and read it; you won’t be sorry. SSB