Why YA – Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

YA = Young Adult Literature = Books with Young Adults in them. They can be fiction or non; poetry or prose; long or short. Honestly, the thing about YA literature is that it nearly always contains social issues that surround each and everyone of us in our daily lives – which brings us back to Why YA. Young adults experience way more than many of us can imagine, and they are in desperate need of multiple perspectives. YA literature shows these perspectives to all of us whether we are young adults or not. And that’s why YA . . . I hope my blog helps you find some reads. Sheryl Servatius-Brown/SSB

Why YA? Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

Friday, November 16th by Sheryl Servatius-Brown/SSB

Moving cities? Cities eating other cities? Swashbuckling sword fights? If all this sounds fun to you, you must pick up Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines! Mortal Engines is Book One in the Mortal Engines Quartet.  Add to the excitement, the movie directed by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is coming out December 14.
When the book first begins, Tom is a History Apprentice with his idol Valentine.  Soon we meet Hester, a young horribly scarred woman who hates Valentine. Immediately, she tries to kill him and the action is off and running.  We are taken to the bellies of the traveling cities as well as the tip tops of the flags. Mortal Engines is a science fiction book set in the near future.  However, like many sci-fi/fantasies, the future seems like the past with lots of creaky metal ships as well as many hot air balloons/airships.
One of the things I really like about this book is how Reeve has created an entire alternate universe with a different language. Many of the names and places come from literature and other pop culture. Anyone who plays these types of video games will be able to join right in. There are traction cities; there is an Anti-Traction League. MEDUSA is the mechanical weapon that first appears in Mortal Enemies.
Though set for middle school age, older readers will also enjoy the series. Action is intense on nearly every page.  The young characters are often on their own trying to save the world. I listened to this book on the Hoopla app on my phone using my Ottawa Library card. If you want to escape to another world and join in plenty of adventure, read this series. SSB

Philip Reeve, author of Mortal Engines