Technology Today – Patron Account Part 1

Patron Accounts – Part 1

Friday, November 9th by Derrick Larcom

Not all hidden gems are tucked away in dark corners, crowded shelves, or bruised boxes. Some, lay unassuming within sight of all, waiting to serve. Copiers, technically known as multi-function printers, are not commonly recognized for all they do. In this edition we will dust off our patron accounts.
Signing In
If you are unsure on how to sign in to your account, follow the steps in THIS tutorial.
Your Summary
Immediately upon logging in, you will see the items you have checked out and have on hold.
You can see when your items are due, renew your checkouts, or report a problem straight from this first page. Switching to the holds tab will show what items you have on hold and what their current state is (pending, in transit, waiting).

Your Fines
In this section, you can view your fines including the date, item fined, any payments made, and your current total.
Your Personal Details
This section lets you review and suggest changes to your personal information, like your phone number and address. Any changes made here are sent to a staff member for verification.
Your Tags
I have to be honest. I have NEVER seen this section used. I cannot decide if it is some vestigial organ that was left behind after an attempt at integrating social media trends or if it is some cutting edge feature that has not caught on yet. If you utilize this section, please email me at I would love to hear how you use it.
Change Your Password
Chances are, some of you reading this are groaning at the idea of changing a password, AGAIN. I get that feeling too. Sometimes it is important to change it for security reasons. This section allows you to enter a new password. I should note that changing your password does not impose the 4 to 8 character limit that is required to use our onsite computers.
Your Reading History
Having trouble remembering what book you checked out a couple of months ago? This section will help you. You can view items checked out to your account over the past 13 months.
Your Privacy
Your right to privacy is important to us. This section allows you set your reading history preferences and immediately delete reading history, if that is what you desire.
Your Purchase Suggestions
Have an author, book, movie, game, or other item you would like the library to have in our collection? You can submit your suggestion here for review. Suggesting an item does not guarantee that it will be added to our collection.
Your Messaging
This section allows you to changes preferences on when you get notifications from our system. Want to keep track of when your books are due? Select email notification for checkouts. I have trouble remembering to bring items when they are due. To help overcome this, I have my messaging set to send me reminders a couple of days before they are due.
Your Lists
LISTS! Who doesn’t love lists? OK. I admit, lists aren’t for everyone, but this is one of my favorite features. This section allows you to create private lists of linked items from our catalog. I was able to create a list of books used as resources for a paper I wrote for a class assignment. There are also public lists that you can view, including book club selections, movies official in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, prize winners, and so many more.