Why YA – Kwame Alexander

YA = Young Adult Literature = Books with Young Adults in them. They can be fiction or non; poetry or prose; long or short. Honestly, the thing about YA literature is that it nearly always contains social issues that surround each and everyone of us in our daily lives – which brings us back to Why YA. Young adults experience way more than many of us can imagine, and they are in desperate need of multiple perspectives. YA literature shows these perspectives to all of us whether we are young adults or not. And that’s why YA . . . I hope my blog helps you find some reads. Sheryl Servatius-Brown/SSB

Why YA? Kwame Alexander

Friday, October 19th by Sheryl Servatius-Brown/SSB

“All that is good and accomplished in this world takes work and a little chaos.”
― Kwame Alexander, Solo
Happy Friday Everyone! Today, instead of one book, I’m going to talk about one of my new favorite authors: Kwame Alexander. Alexander hit the awards scene in 2015 with the book The Crossover, both a Newberry and Coretta Scott King Award winner.
Always writing in verse, his books are for young adults from sixth grade on. His verse swings and sways, dips and drops in a musical way. I most recently listened to his latest book Swing – read by the author himself! Swing tells the story of Noah who is in love with his childhood friend Sam. So he writes anonymous letters to her. Encouraged – or probably pushed – by his friend Swing, Noah waits for answers. It seems like a fun, old-as-the-ages stories about young people and love. But then chaos waltzes in and turns everything upside down.
Every time I listen to/read one of his books, I have a new favorite. But then – you guessed it – another one comes along. Alexander’s The Crossover Series includes The Crossover, Rebound, and Booked. So just when you think it’s a basketball series, he throws in Booked which is about soccer. Then you think it’s a series about sports. Well, yes, it is. But of course, it’s much more than that. The books cover friendship, family relationships as well as youth’s reaction to the world around them. Still told in verse, the books have the same musical flow as all his writing.
You can check out his books at the Ottawa Library, or you can use your library card to read the ebooks or listen to the audiobooks through Hoopla Digital You could absolutely read all his books in one day, but why would you? It is so fun to watch his characters grow and to feel the music of his words, so you will want to take your time. Whatever the case, read Kwame Alexander. SSB