Technology Today – Copiers


Friday, October 12th by Derrick Larcom
Not all hidden gems are tucked away in dark corners, crowded shelves, or bruised boxes. Some, lay unassuming within sight of all, waiting to serve. Copiers, technically known as multi-function printers, are not commonly recognized for all they do. Here are but a few unsung task that can be performed with our copiers.
Making copies is usually the first thought that comes to mind when speaking of a copier. It’s right there in the name. This often used feature doesn’t need to be daunting. Our librarians are always ready to assist.
Printing is one task that is often taken for granted and is almost a steal at 20¢ per side of page printed. The majority of printing is done from our public use desktops but our copiers have more tricks hiding.
Patrons in our main circulation area (located in the lower level of the Library) can now print from mobile devices. Laptops connected to our Library Guest 2.4GHz wireless network can add the printer and print directly to the copier. Android and iOS mobile devices can be print by installing the Toshiba Print & Capture app from their respective app markets. Our staff is available to assist in walking through the process.
Scanning is a great service that very few of our patrons are familiar with. Our copiers have two scanning services that stand out and should be noticed. Documents can be scanned in and saved as images or PDFs to a connected USB. This is a great way to archive bills, letters, photos, or even children’s artwork. (I use it to keep from having stacks of the same hand-drawn stick figure and to have an emergency copy of my insurance card available). If you don’t have a USB drive available, we do have some for a reasonable $1.00. Additionally, you can scan documents or images in the same formats to an active email address. I recommend sending the scanned item to your own email in addition to your recipient so that you have confirmation that it sent.
As you can see, our humble copiers are hidden gems just waiting to be found.